For a while now I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing a drawing a day. I had plenty of false starts and never really managed to complete a month without falling of the drawing wagon.

Until recently when I had another try and yes, I fell off again, but there was a slight difference with this one. Instead of drowning myself in negative self talk I looked at how I could HELP myself draw daily.

And to my surprise the changes I made were really easy but quiet effective!

So what are my 5 tips for drawing every day?

Building in time for drawing

I didn’t have a strict time set but I decided to do my drawings in the evening just after dinner. This for me was the key! Dinner was already apart of my daily routine and so attaching something new like drawing to it just allowed things to flow much easier.

Drawing Space just for you

Also, having a designated space for my drawing time was so important. It really just strengthened the habit.

Set up your materials

Having my materials ready; this was so important to me. Having all the materials ready for my drawing session relieved me from thinking about one more excuse as to why I shouldn’t be drawing.

No excuses!

There are no excuses; This was the most challenging of the lot! I told myself that any excuse I came up with in my mind was nil and void…would not, could not listen to it. I just had to get that drawing for the day done.

Letting go

Something else that worked was just drawing for the sake of drawing and all I wanted to draw were flowers. I didn’t search for pictures or look on Pinterest. I just wanted to see what I could draw without reference photos. The main aim of this was not to put pressure on myself by trying to perfect the drawing. All I had to do was fill one page of drawing with anything my creative heart so wished and mine kept wishing for all types of flowers.

Give yourself some love

I had to find at least good thing about my drawing and give myself a mental pat on the back.

The changes I made were not easy at first but as I kept going I had more days when it became easier than harder and just became part of my everyday.

Looking back I didn’t want one more year to go by without having instilled this habit in me and really it’s (most of the time) such a joy to draw.

One great outcome of all picking up this drawing a day habit has been that my nephews 3 year old Ollie and 4 year old Xavier have picked up the idea of drawing and so take their little sketch books when we are driving around. The picture above is Ollie’s shark line drawing.

Let me know if this has been helpful in any way to you or if you would like to share if something else has worked for you.