Hello there, I’m Jimena

Jimena Garcia_littlCrow Designs

A nature loving Latina-Aussie who lives in Sydney, Australia with my partner Luke. And I’m the creative behind LittlCrow.

A self taught illustrator and surface pattern designer who loves variety, experimenting and finding delight in the little miracles and beauty of everyday life.

Nature has forever been my inspiration, my joy and the place where I go to renew and reflect. 

The work I create for LittlCrow ranges from delicate watercolours or gouache pieces to vibrant pattern compositions. The common thread through it is my deep love and respect for wildlife and the wonder of the natural world.

A few fun facts about me

About Littl Crow Products

All of the products that you find at LittlCrow start of as drawings and or hand-painted designs or artworks that are then carefully digitized and formatted into illustrations or patterns.

Every item is created lovingly and with sprinkles of joy at my home based studio in Sydney, Australia.

Music:Mint Leaves, Musician:Jef

If I have any lasting worth, it will
be because I have tried to make
people remember what the Earth is
meant to look like

— Mary Oliver