A Word of the Year sets an intention, a theme per se, for how you want your year to flow.

I started doing a word of the year in 2018 and it helped me focus on what I wanted for myself, and in many ways guided me in my big decisions for that year.

It was sort of my guiding light and was always sitting in a little corner of myself, ready to give me a friendly nudge when I needed one.

It filled me with awareness and intention!

So, I’m back at this again for 2020 but this time Picking a Word Of The Year has turned into

Picking a Phrase Of The Year. Why?

Well, it’s just a feeling that I have. A phrase feels right and it sits nicely in alignment with me.

My Phrase Of The Year is

“Everything is figureoutable”  and I silently repeat this phrase in my head when I feel something’s insurmountable.

Like trying to work out WordPress to redesign the LittlCrow Website. Or when I begin my words with “I can’t..” I remind myself that “Everything is Figureoutable”

Everything is Figureoutable comes from a book by the same title written by Marie Forleo. I hadn’t heard of her until I listened to the audio version of her book last year and it was fantastic.

I guess the book made a great impact and the phrase just stuck with me.

How to choose your Word or Phrase Of The Year:

If you have a word or phrase that immediately sticks out then you’re all set. I think it’s best to stick to one word or one phrase, but you know yourself better than I do, so follow your gut feeling about this.

The following is the process I go through if the word or phrase doesn’t come straight to me:

  1. Ask yourself what you need in your life at this time.
  2. Think about the qualities that are important to you and for your growth.
  3. Pay attention to the words or themes that pop up around you.
  4. Don’t overthink this part and just begin writing and doing a brain dump
  5. Find 2-3 words or phrases that sit well with you from the list and choose your Word or Phrase Of The Year.

Here are some words and phrases for inspiration if you need some ideas.

How and when you use the word or phrase is totally up to you, but I hope it gives you focus like it has given me.

I’d love to know what your word of the year is, and your reason for choosing it. So if you’re keen to share, please add it to the comments.

Cheers to a wonderful and fruitful year ahead, and let’s get things flowing!