July’s Creative Brief: The Free Tool You Need to Spark Creativity!

Hey there,

Feeling ready for something new and creative? I’ve put together a Creative Brief for July that’s just for you. It includes a burst of color inspirations, new design motifs, and a mood board to kick-start your creative flow—perfect whether you’re planning to start a new pattern collection or just play around with some illustrations.

This brief is meant to help guide your creative explorations, and it’s totally free. Just sign up for the LittlCrowing Newsletter, and I’ll send it directly to your inbox. It’s a simple way to keep your pattern collections fresh and inspiring.

I hope this creative brief sparks some exciting ideas for you. If you’re interested, sign up and let’s see what wonderful creations we can discover in July together.

NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are © Jimena Garcia. These Wallpapers are for personal use only, please remember you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

WHAT YOU GET: A creative moodboard

May 2024 Creative brief moodboard idea for blog by LittlCrow

WHAT YOU GET: Color Inspiration

May 2024 Creative brief color idea for blog by LittlCrow

WHAT YOU GET: Motif ideas

May 2024 Creative brief flowwer idea for blog by LittlCrow

WHAT YOU GET: A chance to make your own collection

May 2024 Creative brief time for growth collection by LittlCrow

If you’re curious about exploring new creative ideas, feel free to sign up for July’s Creative Brief. It’s just a click away and could be just what you need for your next collection. Enjoy creating!


As we move through the year, it’s amazing to see how each month brings its own vibe and creative potential. I hope this brief serves as a little nudge to explore those ideas you’ve been keeping on the back burner or to try something entirely new. Remember, creativity doesn’t have to be about big projects or perfect outcomes—it’s all about exploration and fun.

Take this brief as an invitation to step into your creative space, play around with new concepts, and see where they take you. Whether you end up with a finished piece or just some sketches, it’s all part of your creative journey. So, go ahead, give it a click, and let July be a month full of inspiration and artistic discovery. Who knows what you might create?

Here’s to a creative and inspiring July—can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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