31 days of new art prompt ideas littl Crow Jimena Garcia

It’s here! 31 Days of New Art Prompt Ideas that Will Boost your Creative Practice

Let’s show that blank canvas who’s boss! 

I’m writing today about art prompts because I think they’re a great tool for helping unblock you when your art is stuck, forcing you to practice new subject matter, or even to take your art in a whole new direction.

Let me explain.

Art prompts are ideas, scenes or subjects that are designed to inspire you, help you overcome an overwhelmingly blank canvas/page or to prompt you into a new direction. They could come from a daily Instagram challenge, a book of prompts, or even a list you make yourself.

That’s what I like to do sometimes – write them down on a piece of paper and draw one at random from a jar or other suitable container. The main idea is they’re chosen randomly, and you can’t see what you’re choosing.- no peeking!

Putting your art in the hands of fate has a few benefits.

31 days of new art prompt ideas littl Crow Jimena Garcia sunshine

One, is you don’t get to choose. If the art prompt says today you’re drawing ducks, by gosh you’re drawing a crocodile. Never drawn a crocodile before? Today is the day you find out how. 

Clearly, this is a great way to pull you out of your comfort zone and stretch your art in interesting new directions. Of course the prompt may be more interesting than ‘draw a crocodile’. How about, ‘the meaning of life made manifest in the smile of a crocodile’. Or something like that.

31 days of new art prompt ideas littl Crow Jimena Garcia pear

But maybe you’re just a little stuck and need some help to get moving? After you’ve been creating art with just yourself for a few years, you might need a little external stimulation.

Again, this is where an art prompt can come in to get the juices flowing and help you consider some new ideas to introduce into your art, or maybe a change in direction for your art making altogether. Or just to get you making anything at all.

To help you discover the unpredictable fun of working with art prompts, I’m providing a resource that includes some art prompts to help you make exciting new artwork

  • template you can use to create your own set of art prompts (who else but you knows best what you need?)
  • And links to some very useful resources to help you introduce new ideas into your art.

You can download this resource here.

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In the meantime, I hope you have an exciting journey in your artmaking  – with prompts or without – and let me know if art prompts help you create some new and amazing work.