I have been working on making my first set of art prints. This was a fantastic learning experience as I experimented with different types of media, colour palettes and themes.

For the final works I decided to use mostly watercolour and a bit of gouache.  My go to colours were my usual blues, pinks and yellows, I was really happy with the cohesive colour palette that I achieved. Another win was challenging myself to use a variety of animals – other than just my usual birds, this was a really good exercise for my creativity.  All in all it was  a very happy experience!

All the art prints had two final color palettes from which I had to choose. This first art print is the first one I painted. I had been reading about magical symbols in art and as a response to this is what came about.

With the second art print, I decided to work with flowers just because they’re really my all time favourite subject matter.

The third art print has to be my best loved out of all them… The owl print! It just came about really quickly after I had been to a wildlife park here in Sydney and for the first time saw the most beautiful grass owls, up close. It was a magical experience for me and I wanted to get this encounter out on paper.

Well, dear reader I hope you’ve liked the prints so far. I’m going to tease you a little bit and let you see the other two prints on your own accord right here. Let me know what you think!

Have an awesome week whatever it is you are up to.