I’m writing this whilst experiencing the full extent of what it means to be in a Covid lockdown.  Days seem to merge into one another and what I’m finding the hardest to come to terms with is not being able to visit loved ones or close friends.

Luckily I live around an area that has some beautiful nature walks which have areas filled with magnificent tall trees, flowering plants and little waterways.

My latest floral wallpaper calendar design for your desktop, tablet and mobile phone is filled with vivid and painterly floral design.  I new the design was just right when I looked at it and it brought a smile to my face. And so I hope it brings one to yours.

The  layout of the wallpaper hasn’t made any more changes and so I hope you are enjoying this newish style.   There is still no numbered calendar for the mobile version you just receive the wallpaper.

The bonus printable A3 monthly planner is still available and it will be in the zipped file with your wallpapers. The monthly planner has also undergone some changes, as it no longer has a specific month at the top. Hope this is also useful to you!

Desktop word for 2019 calendarVivid and painterly Floral Desktop wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

ipad_word wallpaper calendar 2019Vivid and painterly Floral iPad Tablet wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

iphone word for wallpaper calendar 2019Vivid and painterly Floral Mobile Phone wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

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NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are ©Jimena Garcia. Feel free to download for your own personal use, but please remember you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

Monthly Planner Title

Here is the new design of the monthly planner. I hope you enjoy making your plans on it for this month. Your painterly and vivid floral planner is included in the wallpaper download! I would love to see where you place your planner and how you use it.

Monthly planner designed by Jimena Garcia - LittlCrow

If you haven’t done already, don’t forget to download your wallpapers and monthly planner.

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Thanks so much for your visit.


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