Hello lovely ones,

Another month has swooped in and taken flight!  I hope you’re doing well and filling up your days with happy moments.

This month has been a busy one for me and I feel I’m playing the catch up game – but having said that there also seems to be more focus in my life, so I guess it’s a really good thing!

I’ve been busy taking cold morning and evening  walks around my neighbourhood, making birthday presents, treating myself to Saturday morning almond croissants and doing some new learning.

With this month’s wallpaper calendar I thought I’d do a little tribute to the coolness of winter days and nights that I’m experiencing here in Australia.

For this reason I’ve decided to go all out and make an all blue pattern, I call it Blue Flower Dreaming. The idea came about on one of my morning walks and I looked up at the sky and imagined ” a sky filled with flowers and leaves ”  .

The result is this Blue Flower Dreaming pattern that is filled to the brim with florals and leaves and all such things all on top of one another.

Filling up a space is sort of my jam and I feel happy when I do this in a pattern, but there’s always a balance in everything and so I did leave some white space about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! I know  it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere so I hope this brings you some cool relief when you look at it.

If you end up downloading this Blue Flower Dreaming wallpaper calendar remember to take a photo and share them with me! Tag @littl_crow & I’ll be sure to re-post it on my Instagram stories.

The bonus printable A3 monthly planner is also available and you can Download it Here!


NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are ©Jimena Garcia. Feel free to download for your own personal use, but please remember you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way. Karma is Karma for a reason!

Monthly Planner Title

The monthly planner with the Blue flower dreaming watercolor florals is up on my wall (similar to the photo below) and I’m using it to help me organise  and plan my daily activities. I hope you enjoy making your plans on it for this month. Click here to get your monthly August planner! I would love to see where you place your planner and how you use it. If you would love to share don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @littl_crow
Monthly planner painted blue flower dreaming wallpaper calendar by Jimena Garcia (LittlCrow)

Available Products-click the images to see more

Red Bubble Floor pillow with blue floral dreaming watercolor pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Red Bubble Zipper pouch with blue flwer dreaming pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Red Bubble Duffle Bag with Blue floral dreaming pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Red Bubble Backpack with blue floral dreaming pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Red Bubble Mask with Blue floral dreaming pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Red Bubble Socks with Blue floral dreaming pattern designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

I will receive a small commission from sales of the products you see here, as this allows me to continue bringing you these free downloads.


I hope you have a really lovely August month. I know I’m excited as we are getting closer and closer to spring.

Thanks so much for your lovely visit.