Five Creative Tools Used Daily To Illustrate and Create Patterns

Hey there! I was remembering back to when I first started with illustration and pattern making, and among a myriad of other hurdles I had one weird major one – I didn’t know what materials to get started with! I could see some people painting, others doing digital illustration on iPads, and some using Photoshop […]

Choose Your Word or Phrase For The Year

A Word of the Year sets an intention, a theme per se, for how you want your year to flow. I started doing a word of the year in 2018 and it helped me focus on what I wanted for myself, and in many ways guided me in my big decisions for that year. It […]

A drawing a day: Five ways to form a daily drawing habit that sticks


For a while now I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing a drawing a day. I had plenty of false starts and never really managed to complete a month without falling of the drawing wagon. Until recently when I had another try and yes, I fell off again, but there was a […]