How to Make GIFs using Photoshop

GIF: I bring you flowers

Have you ever wanted to create GIFs? If your answer is a resounding yes then please read on. Let me start by saying that creating GIFs isn’t that hard, once you have the basics down you can make some pretty cool animations. But, I didn’t always think this way! At first I thought they would […]

Free desktop, iPad and phone calendar download- OCTOBER 2018

I’ve recently come back from a wonderful road trip which is exactly what I needed to fill me up with creative energy. On these trips the wonders of the world come alive so vividly and are heavenly to me. -the morning call of a kookaburra’s laughter, -the chorus of night frogs calling to one another, […]

Free desktop, iPad and iPhone calendar download – SEPTEMBER 2018


The last few days of winter has been one of the coldest I’ve experienced, so I’ve been happily snuggled up, eating lots of yummy warming foods and just enjoying and appreciating the last of the cold, wet and windy days. Like everything in life the seasons are a natural and spontaneous change that happen and […]

NEW Art Prints

I have been working on making my first set of art prints. This was a fantastic learning experience as I experimented with different types of media, colour palettes and themes. For the final works I decided to use mostly watercolour and a bit of gouache.  My go to colours were my usual blues, pinks and […]

Free desktop and iPhone calendar download -AUGUST 2018

AUGUST 2018 Free desktop calendar download

It’s winter time down under, and well, we have about one month to go before Spring arrives! I wanted August to be a month filled with reminders of the warmer days that will soon come. I long for the smells of fresh cut grass, salty sea air, sunscreen, jasmine and the taste of juicy watermelons. […]