A Blogging Re-birth!

"Your Rule Your Style" Jimena Garcia Blog

I haven’t really been much of a blogger since I’ve started this blog. Why? Well, I didn’t have a very good experience in any of my English classes at school. So, as you can guess, I’ve always stayed away from expressive writing. But, I think it’s time to change this! For two reasons, I believe […]

Who was William Morris?

William Morris pattern

The Victorian artist William Morris (1834-1896), is one of the first textile artists I came across when I first learned about pattern design. His patterns to me were wonderfully adorned, sophisticated and felt uncomplicated all at the same time. It was quiet an inspirational moment and I was in awe! So, I did a bit […]

Get to Know and be Inspired by Lucienne Day

Lucienne Day

What do most surface pattern designers want for their patterns? To have a long, prolific and extensive life, well past the lifetime of the designer!. One word describes it all: “timeless” This is exactly what Lucienne Day has achieved with her patterns. The freshness and originality of her work has ensured that her patterns are […]

One Thing You can do to be a Better Surface Pattern Designer

Heading by Jimena Garcia

If you are just starting out in Surface pattern design or have been around for a while you might have realized (drumroll, please) Patterns are all around us! Once this realization hits you, your mind becomes like a sponge, absorbing as much inspiration, information from the world around you. What better way then, to draw […]

Three Ways to Start your Mark Making Journey

Doodling by Jimena Garcia

As you explore surface pattern design, you will, for sure come across mark making. It’s the most fundamental element of any pattern design. Think of it like your own signature, the way you form the letters that make up your name is unique to you and only you. This set of marks called ‘signature’ have […]

How to Find Inspiration

Lead image for inspiration blog post.

The first action a pattern designer needs to take is finding inspiration, because the process of conceptualising and developing an idea can’t move forward without it. To find it, you need to stop, look around and observe your world. You’ll realize that inspiration is right in front of you – or at least it’s nearby… […]