And welcome to March, how time flies!

It has been an interesting and somewhat challenging past month for me as I’ve had to deal with some seriously unexpected happenings in my life.

All my plans and scheduling went out the door and I had to just take time to just be.

The month started off well however, with an amazing exhibition I went to in Canberra “Matisse and Picasso“. I’ve always loved both artists but this time round seeing their work in the same room opened my eyes to so much more. Their discipline, their colours, their artistic voice was amplified for me in so many ways. It really changed my outlook on art and art making.

I think one of the important takeaways I had from this exhibition is that I need to go out and see more live exhibitions! It truly makes a difference.  Seeing something live as opposed to seeing it on a screen are miles apart. I was so excited at one stage that I found myself way too close to one of the artworks and was warned off by one of the security people. Yikes!

I felt I needed to do something different this month for the wallpaper calendar.  I had been painting a lot of koalas recently and this little fellow came up as I sat down to create the design. I first made it into a pattern but felt it didn’t give this little fellow the centre stage I wanted for him.

And so I decided to do an illustrative design for the March wallpaper calendar instead. Hope you enjoy this change!

Please remember I love seeing the calendar design on your Desktops, iPhones and or Tablets so I would be happy to have you share this watercolour koala March wallpaper calendar on social media! Don’t forget to tag @littl_crow & I’ll be sure to re-post on my Instagram stories.

The bonus printable A3 monthly planner is also available and you can Download it Here!
The A3 size is perfect for my notice board.  But, let me know if you’d like a different size, I’ll be more than happy to add it to next months wallpaper calendar.


NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are ©Jimena Garcia. Feel free to download for your own personal use, but you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

Monthly Planner Title

The monthly planner with the cute Koala and foliage is up on my wall (similar to the photo below) ready to be used. I hope you enjoy making your plans on it this month. Click here to get your Monthly Planner!

Available Products-click the images to see more

Laptop skin with watercolor Koala designed by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

CanCanvas print watercolour Koala by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia)

Coasters with watercolour Koala by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia -Red Bubble)

Socks with a watercolour Koala by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia-Red Bubble)

Tapestry with watercolour Koala by Jimena Garcia (LittlCrow-Red Bubble)

Sticker with watercolour Koala by LittlCrow (Jimena Garcia-Red Bubble)

I will receive a small commission from sales of the products you see here, as this allows me to continue bringing you these free downloads.

I hope you enjoy this new format for the wallpaper downloads and the cute monthly planner bonus. Looking forward to knowing what you think. Thanks so much for dropping in.