Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar for Your Desktop, Iphone and Tablet designed by Jimena Garcia| LittlCrow

Fall in Love with Our New Ghostly Glow Wallpaper! Brighten Your Screens and Seize October’s Magic Now!

Hello dear readers!

It’s here the spookiest time of the year, October! And what better way to mark the arrival of this beloved month than with a delightful new wallpaper calendar for all your devices?

I’m thrilled to reveal October’s Wallpaper Calendar, showcasing a charming pattern of friendly ghosts! It’s a playful mix of spectral whimsy, with each ghost boasting its own unique personality. Whether you’re a fan of all things Halloween or just adore cute designs, this calendar is the perfect digital companion to guide you through October.

A Little Treat For You!

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BONUS! Alongside the wallpaper calendar, you’ll also get a FREE A3 printable monthly planner! Perfect for jotting down all those October plans, whether it’s your Halloween costume brainstorming or outings.

Picture this: Ghostly silhouettes dancing gracefully on a soft lavender canvas. Each one radiates happiness and whimsy, creating a light-hearted October vibe. Every time you unlock your device, it’s not just a wallpaper you see; it’s a gentle reminder of the playful spirit of the season.

Dressing Up Your Screens: Want to give your devices this lavender touch of October? Here’s your guide:

For Your Trusty Desktop:

  • Click the download link below.
  • Set the saved image as your wallpaper.

For Your iPhone Sidekick:

  • Tap the download link to save.
  • Set as your wallpaper through Photos.

For Your Tablet Buddy:

  • Click the download link.
  • Update your settings to the new wallpaper.

Experience October’s Whimsy:
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NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are © Jimena Garcia. These Wallpapers are for personal use only, please remember you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

DESKTOP- Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar

Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar for your Desktop designed by Jimena Garcia | LittlCrow

iPHONE- Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar

Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar for Your Iphone designed by Jimena Garcia| LittlCrow

iPAD- Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar

Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar for Your Tablet designed by Jimena Garcia| LittlCrow

Monthly Printable A3 Planner

Ghostly Glow Wallpaper Calendar for Your Printable planner designed by Jimena Garcia| LittlCrow

Are you constantly on the lookout for tools to boost your organizational skills and productivity? Incorporating a planner can work wonders in streamlining your daily tasks. But what if that planner could also add a touch of whimsy to your workspace? Allow me to present the A3 printable planner, graced with the ethereal charm of October’s Ghostly Glow Whimsy Ghost pattern.

This delightful planner mirrors the same playful ghost design as the October wallpaper calendar. It’s not merely about keeping track of your day; it’s about enjoying the view while you do it. Merging functionality with an aesthetic appeal, this planner promises to be a beloved addition to any workspace.

But the magic of the A3 printable planner isn’t just in its looks. Its user-centric design ensures that you have an effortless time charting out your day. Simply print the A3 sheet, position it where you’ll frequently glance, and you’re ready for a month filled with enhanced organization and joy. With this ghostly companion by your side, you have both a practical tool and a daily dose of October’s whimsical spirit to guide you.

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