October Pink Orchid watercolour wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

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Spring is here! I’ve been delighted with the lovely warmth, new beginnings and sun filled days that spring has brought with it. 

I’ve been noticing magpies swooping down on bike riders and dogs ( a typical Australian sign that Spring has arrived), the usual lovely flowering of many a plant and bluer skies. All these spring signs have really uplifted my mood.

But, the flower group that has caught my full attention have been orchids. I could not help but notice them as a myriad of experiences like wandering into the pop up orchid festival in my local shopping centre or that my mums’ garden has beautiful orchids blooming for the first time in a few years. Such experiences brought on a sudden burst of creativity where orchids have been the centre of my attention and inspiration. Can you guess what October’s wallpaper might be?

A beautiful and uplifting pink orchid pattern design for your wallpaper calendar download.   

Please note that the mobile version doesn’t have a calendar. Enjoy using the pink orchid wallpaper calendar on your desktop and tablet.

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NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are © Jimena Garcia. These Wallpapers are for personal use only, please remember you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

DESKTOP-Heart to Heart Wallpaper Calendar​

October Pink Orchids watercolour Desktop wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

iPHONE-Heart to Heart Wallpaper Calendar

October pink orchid in watercolour iPhone wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

iPAD-Heart to Heart Wallpaper Calendar

October pink orchids in watercolour Tablet wallpaper designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

Monthly Planner

It was also great to see how the printable pink orchid monthly planner turned out.  I really hope you enjoy making your plans on it for this month.

October pink orchid watercolour wallpaper for A3 Planner designed by Jimena Garcia LittlCrow

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