This month I felt like a chook running around without a head! Literally I’ve been hopping from one thing to another without respite. I would like to say creativity took up most of my time but not so it’s been family birthdays, school holiday activities with my nephews and a mix of other little things that have occupied my time.

But, I’m really happy with myself as I have maintained a sense of calmness throughout it all, and the usual fireworks in me haven’t exploded.

We are also transitioning from Winter into to spring so seeing buds on trees and more flowers around me and the warmth of the sun have really turned my mood around. I really am filled with a sense of joy and love, watching nature around me wake up.

How have you found the month of July?

The theme for this month’s calendar came to me on a drive to the Blue Mountains with my nephews. We took the back roads and saw farm lands as well as sections with long golden grass fields and so I imagined it from an aerial view and so “Meadows in Bloom” was born.

The design has a deep orange background for two reasons: first, I wanted to depict a sense of being grounded, and the second the warmth of the sun I felt on the day, so I hope this come through and you feel this too.

I do hope you enjoy using this months “Meadows in Bloom” calendar design on your Desktops, iPhones and or Tablets!

Happily,  I’m also including the bonus printable A3 monthly planner which you can Download Here

The A3 size is perfect for my notice board.  But, know that you can contact me if you’d like a different size.

Please let me know if you can’t find the size that suits your device, I’ll be more than happy to add it to next months pattern wallpaper.


NOTE: All patterns, designs and images are ©jimena garcia. Feel free to download for your own personal use, but you may not reproduce, re-create or sell them in any way.

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Monthly Planner Title

The monthly planner for July is up on my wall (similar to the photo below). I hope you enjoy making your plans on it this month. Click here to get your monthly planner
Download this free August floral printable planner at

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Chair pattern designed by Littlcrow

All over Graphic Tea with pattern by Littlcrow

Backpack with pattern by Littlcrow

Pillow with pattern by Littlcrow

Tights with design by Littlcrow

Coaster with pattern designed by Littlcrow

I will receive a small commission from sales of the products you see here, as this allows me to continue bringing you these free downloads.

Have a beautiful month! I really do hope you enjoy the wallpaper downloads and the lovely monthly planner bonus.